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(current version: BGB 1.6.3 -- download below)

BGB is a GameBoy emulator/debugger which runs on Windows and Wine. Within: features; downloads; documentation; changelog; contact; back links.

BGB is a Gameboy emulator, a program that lets you play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on a pc. It does this with many features that give a good gameplay experience, such as gamepad support, high quality sound and graphics, smooth Vsync animation, low latency, and a rewind key. In addition, it contains a debugger that lets you analyze/look into the emulation, create cheat codes, and assist in creating and modifying roms. Because of BGB's high emulation accuracy, if your rom works in BGB, it will most likely work on hardware too.

While some other emulators are upping their system requirements, and dropping 32 bits or older windows support, I keep providing 32 and 64 bits versions and I am committed to keeping BGB working on both old and current PCs for the forseeable future, currently still working on Windows 95b and Pentium 1. I also care about supporting Wine.



BGB 1.6.3 (zip, 543 kB)

BGB 1.6.3 64 bits (zip, 1.03 MB)

download and use at your own risk. i'm not responsible for any damage caused by these files.

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I mirror a local copy of the Pan Docs because the no$gmb website on which it was originally hosted is no longer up.

version history

New in BGB 1.6.3 (2024-05-05) Full version history


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Back links

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